Latest Updated Game

Fusterclucks 2015 - Game of the (new) Year Edition

Released: Jan 1, 2015

Use powerups to eat the most seed and survive wolf attacks! A fast paced game of fun for the whole family.
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Arcade Games

Elemental Office!

Released: Sept 13, 2014

You are Bob, the custodian. Make your way through the office buildings to collect all the hearts, avoiding your elementally-enhanced coworkers! Created for the js13k game competition.
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Released: May 24, 2012

Updated: Jun 22, 2012

Slide blocks to defeat enemies. Can you survive all five levels of the demo?
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Released: Dec 20, 2007

Updated: Jan 4, 2008

Save the falling noots from firey doom!
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Boot the Noot

Released: Oct 28, 2006

Updated: Feb 9, 2013

Catch the noots in your vacuum vehicle, and drop them off the edge onto the moving platform!
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Platformer Games

Lands of Kachitoria

Released: Dec 19, 2008

Updated: Mar 29, 2009

Rescue your captured friends and find your way out of this platform game.
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Racing Games

Rocket Racers

Released: Jan 7, 2013

Updated: Nov 27, 2013

Race through the canyon to finish first without blowing up!
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Puzzle Games

Tic Tac BLAM!

Released: Oct 8, 2009

Updated: Dec 24, 2013

A twist on the classic.
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Sludge Busters

Released: Jan 22, 2008

Updated: Mar 29, 2009

Rid the world of sludge as fast as possible!
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